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New Business Payment Practices disclosure regime

The Government will introduce a new Business Payment Practices disclosure regime. We asked our Senior Solicitor, Ronda Tokona, to explain what this means for business.

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Celebrating the best of Waitaki business

Congratulations to all the wonderful category winners, runners-up and nominees at the recent Waitaki Business Awards, where we celebrated the many achievements of businesses across the district. 

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Advice for Business Award entrants

We’ve got three pieces of advice and encouragement for anyone looking to submit entries for The Grand Business South Awards 2022.

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Sustainability at Business South

Business South has committed to a Toitū Envirocare Carbon Zero Certification process to achieve our target of being carbon zero by 30 June 2023, and carbon positive by the end of 2024.

SM DCC Waste Minimisation Funds

Waste Minimisation Funding Available

The Dunedin City Council offers Waste Minimisation Innovation and Development (Commercial) Grants for businesses who are working on waste minimisation!

222 Photographic Studios

Regional Business Case Study: 222 Photographic Studios

It’s no secret that the events market has been one of the hardest hit during covid times. Constant booking, postponement/cancellations for two years and counting.

Arrowntown Motels

Regional Business Case Study: Arrowtown Motel Apartments

Having someone come in as a third party who had the time and background to understand the business and complete an objective assessment and critique the business has been amazing.

RBP Black Sheep

Regional Business Partner Case Study: Black Sheep

The team are really happy in a safe and secure space which I am so happy with. It has been a really nice pivot for us to focus on the staff so much with the gift of time COVID has given us.

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Does tourism matter to you Dunedin?

Here’s a chance to have your say.

Independent research company Angus & Associates are working with the Dunedin City Council (Enterprise Dunedin) to find out what Dunedin people want (and don’t want) the future of tourism in the greater Dunedin area to look like.

RBP Addstaff Ltd Profile

Regional Business Partner Case Study: Addstaff Ltd

The support has been amazing, and we are so grateful to have been able to access assistance to help us through this time. We have new, updated systems and contracts now, which will help us for a long time to come.

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Strengthening trans-Tasman connections

Business South CE Mike Collins recently joined the New Zealand business delegation participating in the Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum, which was attended by both countries' Prime Ministers, several government ministers and opposition shadow ministers, and business leaders.

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Celebrating business excellence in style

The Grand Business South Awards are held every two years to celebrate innovation, creativity and success in the business sector.

They recognise business excellence across the Business South region, and provide a great opportunity to consider and acknowledge the achievements of your organisation and your team.