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Sustainable business is successful business.

A commitment to sustainability minimises harm to communities and the natural environment – it also increases business resilience and innovation, and can give you a competitive edge.

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We’re here to guide you on the path to improved sustainability, ensuring your business can make a positive impact as it grows and thrives. Our support includes comprehensive training, mentorship and in-depth resources, drawing on best practice sustainability solutions and the experiences of other local businesses who have made positive and meaningful changes.

Milford Sound

Our Sustainability Journey

Business South is committed to practising sustainably and is working towards achieving carbon positive status. This means we will go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions by investing in practices that remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

It is our aspiration to become an exemplar of a successful sustainable business, walking the talk as we support other businesses to advance their own sustainability goals.

What's New

November 2023 Quarterly Southern Business Survey

The latest findings from the Quarterly Southern Business Survey are in.

September Quarterly Southern Business Survey Results

The latest findings from the Quarterly Southern Business Survey are in.

Preens Partner with ECCA to Continue to Reduce Emissions

Preens have been monitoring their carbon footprint for 10 years and has been benchmarking themselves within the Apparelmaster network. After working closely with local company Ahikā Consulting, they have put a carbon reduction plan in place.

We're Toitū Net Carbonzero Organisation Certified

We are delighted to share we’re now a Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation. 

Resource Management Reform

What does the Government's reform of the Resource Management Act (RMA) mean for our members and small businesses?

Become a Food Rescue Champion

Are you a business owner or operator that has regular good quality surplus food currently going to landfill or to animal farms?

Plastic Phase Out: Guidance for Sellers and Manufacturers on Products Now Banned

Plastic is one of our greatest environmental challenges. It regularly ends up as waste in our landfills, our moana and whenua. Difficult to recycle packaging and products can interfere with our recycling systems and are often used only once before being disposed.

Waste Minimisation Funding Available

The Dunedin City Council offers Waste Minimisation Innovation and Development (Commercial) Grants for businesses who are working on waste minimisation!

Sustainability…. ready steady go!

We're sharing our sustainability story with you.

Otago Polytechnic

Sustainability is a huge part of who Otago Polytechnic are.

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