Cross-party consensus has been achieved on climate adaptation

New Zealand’s political leaders have reached a notable consensus on climate adaptation, spearheaded by the Minister of Climate Change. This cross-party agreement is set to significantly influence how Aotearoa New Zealand prepares for and respond to climate change.

A select committee has been formed to draft a framework for climate adaptation, focusing on key objectives and principles, as well as the financial implications of implementing such strategies. This is particularly relevant where adapting to changing environmental conditions is crucial for sustainability and economic stability.

BusinessNZ Advocacy Director Catherine Beard says the agreement is a significant achievement and all political parties should be congratulated for working together on a long term challenge where a consistent approach will be required.

"New Zealanders want to see cooperation and collaboration brought to bear on the big intergenerational issues facing us, rather than political division and uncertainty.

"BusinessNZ has been advocating strongly for consensus on long-term issues that will affect New Zealanders’ lives to 2050 and beyond, and we are delighted to see moves in that direction - kudos to all parties involved," Catherine Beard said.

This collaborative approach among Aotearoa New Zealand’s political parties aims to provide a blueprint for other regions globally, demonstrating that cooperative governance can lead to practical solutions for managing climate risks. As these policies develop, they promise to create a more resilient Aotearoa New Zealand, where businesses can thrive in a sustainable and forward-thinking environment.