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Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy develops future Otago business leaders to be better equipped for leadership within their organisation, workplace or business.

This inspirational programme is the catalyst that ignites relationship building with like-minded professional peers, fosters inspiration to take your leadership career to the next level and provides outstanding opportunities to learn from prominent Otago leaders.

This programme is led by a significant Otago-based businesses (or organisations), and you will benefit from the opportunity to interact with the presenters and build an ongoing connection with them.

Active engagement in dialogue is expected. Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 participants

Who is the Leadership Academy For?

The Leadership Academy is for those looking at developing their existing leadership experience and who have the potential for holding senior positions and governance roles.

At the completion of the experiential and reflective learning sessions, you will be equipped with a good understanding of what is required to be a significant leader in your own organisation and in the wider business community.

Find out More

You can find out more information about our Leadership Academies - including profiles of all the leaders, by downloading one of our brochures below.

  • Download the Dunedin Leadership Academy here.
  • Download the Central Otago Leadership Academy Brochure here.
  • Download the Waitaki Leadership Academy brochure here.

You can also see the list of leaders, their topics, the Academy dates and register below.

Waitaki Leadership Academy

Date Presenter  Position Topic
February 7 Amanda Fleming Presenter at Large Ltd Enlightened Leadership - What Is It and Why Is It Relevant?
February 13 Dean Delaney Platinum Recruitment Your People and Culture
February 20 Dominique Dowding Grand Casino Leadership Cycle
February 27 Richard Roberts Dunedin Airport (Former) Values-Based Leadership
March 6 Mike Collins Business South People Culture
March 13 Kate Keddell FairWay Resolution Dispute Resolution
March 27 Kim Conroy Richard Joseph & Associates The Self Aware Leader
April 3 Fi McKay Consultant Leadership That Impacts on Holding Staff Retention 

Dunedin Leadership Academy

 Date  Presenter  Position  Topic
 10 February  Richard Roberts   (Former) Dunedin Airport  Values-Based Leadership
 17 February  Dominique Dowding  Grand Casino  Leadership Cycle
 24 February  Kate Keddell  FairWay Resolution  Dispute Resolution
 3 March  Mike Collins  Business South  People Culture
 10 March  Dean Delaney  Platinum Recruitment  Your People and Culture
 17 March  Sian Sutton  Aurora Energy  Importance of Mentors
 24 March  Jason Tibble  Te Pukenga | Otago Polytechnic  Strategic Leadership - Practical  Survival Skills
 31 March  Fi McKay  Consultant  Modern Leadership = Stable Workforce

Central Otago Leadership Academy

Date Presenter Position Topic
8 May Mike Collins Business South People Culture
8 May Dominique Dowding Grand Casino Leadership Cycle
15 May Josie Spillane Highlands - Experience the Exceptional Leadership From the Front
15 May Sanchia Jacobs Central Otago District Council Juggling Hot Coals - Leading through Major Sector Reform at a Time of Pandemic
22 May Kim Conroy Richard Joseph & Associates The Self Aware Leader
22 May Tim Brown Delta Governance Engagement Leadership
29 May Fi McKay Consultant Modern Leadership = Stable Workforce
29 May Frank Gibbons Air New Zealand Company Profile – The Customers' Perspective