For Employers (our Hosts)

How it Works

Finding motivated people, the recruitment process, managing payroll, managing employment relations, caring for the pastoral needs of your people…..Do you have time?

A For Trades managed apprenticeship let’s you focus on what you do best – design, build, fix, maintain….and care for customers.


Absolutely. We are constantly meeting young people, across schools, through community organisations, employment events and via our own advertising who are capable and keen.
Good question. This is a managed apprenticeship. For Trades is the employer. We place our apprentices in host businesses.
We value our hosts. A host business will sign an agreement with For Trades to support and train a young person, as if they were a member of your own team, for the term of the apprenticeship.
Plenty. We aim to make business easier for you. We manage the recruitment process, all employment agreements and all ongoing employment relations. We simplify all payroll and financial compliance (taking care of pay, tax, kiwisaver, ACC). We work with ITOs to ensure the apprentice moves through learning pathway. We invest a lot of time into mentoring and pastoral care. Do you have time for all of this?
There is. A small, weekly fee for all services.
We would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can help your business. Please enquire via contact4trades@business-south.org.nz
We have hosts who have been with us for 15 years plus. We value the relationship and view it as a partnership. We are governed by an independent board of trustees and managed by an experienced team within Business South Inc.

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