Research & Development

Research & Development

Accelerating innovation and success in your business

Callaghan Innovation offers a wide range of Research and Development support along with grants, which are suitable for businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. Whether you’re a fresh entrepreneur, an established performer or simply a business looking to bring students on board to assist in your R&D activities, this support could enable you to add scale and depth to help get your R&D ahead.

We’re the first point of contact for Otago to connect your business with a range of information, services, and funding to support your business’ innovation journey. 

The support we can provide includes:

  • Callaghan R&D grants (to expand), RTS, Student experience grants
  • R&D tax incentives

To talk to one of our Innovation Specialists about support, please register with the Regional Business Partner Network.

If you are already registered, book a consultation with one of our Innovation Specialists:

Ross Grey
Dunedin / East Coast

Ben Chapman
Queenstown Lakes

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