Meet Heidi Renata - Host for the AI Summit

At our AI Summit we are focused on unlocking the future with executive insights into AI integration. A great event  if you are a decision maker in your business that wants to know how and where to implement AI to progress your business in a challenging economic environment.

At this event we have some great keynote speakers but are super excited that Heidi Renata will be hosting the event. 

Heidi Renata, Co-founder and CEO of INNOV8HQ, is an ambitious wahine who proudly integrates her Māori and Pākehā heritage into her business, symbolised by the koru and tartan in her company's logo. Known as a Culturally Curious Wahinepreneur and a celebrated global keynote speaker, Heidi has over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, including a significant tenure at Vodafone NZ.

She has received various accolades throughout her career, including one of Vodafone's Top Business Leaders, the Otago Daily Times Business Leader of the Year in 2022 and Programme of the Year in 2023 for her Mana Rangatahi Programme. Heidi, an internationally accredited life coach and board member, is committed to fostering entrepreneurship, influencing education and empowering youth, guiding them to thrive in a digital future and where AI is a dynamic competitor in career pathways. She lives by the motto: "Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You can and you will. Feel the fear and do it anyway—it’s worth it."

Heidi is delighted to be curating conversations with the speakers over the course of the event and the influence it has on the generational shift from employer to employee standpoints and how this is directing decisions and future proofing their businesses in a world where AI is challenging traditional capabilities and workforce readiness.


Since 2020 INNOV8HQ has supported over 400 rangatathi (youth) with this innovative programme, that provides our students with a free lifetime digital life resource, the Mana Rangatahi Kete app - specially designed for rangatahi aged 16 to 24. MR is all about diversity and inclusivity, supporting participants from all backgrounds and skill sets, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive in an environment enriched by multiple perspectives and shared experiences.