For Apprentices

How it Works

We offer ‘managed apprenticeships’. We support people from pre-employment (the ‘Is this right for me?’ stage) through their learning and vocational journey to successful completion of a trades qualification.

Our apprentices complete their For Trades experience qualified and confident to pursue their career.

We have industry-leading completion and success rates.


4Trades Apprentices FAQ

You’d be amazed! Apprentice and vocational training opportunities reach across building, electrical, plumbing, painting, horticulture, light engineering, retail and many more sectors
We match you with a host business who will support you through your training. Many of our hosts have been with us for years and are well-respected in the region.
Your learning will be a combination of on-job and theory. You will be supported by a learning coach from an Industry Training Organisation. The pace of learning is designed to be manageable.
You may start with a Training Wage. Our hosts often recognise your learning and contribution to the workplace with wage increases. Earn While You Learn as opposed to building up a student debt.
We suggest we meet with you to discuss trades careers – your whanau are also welcome. Please enquire via
03 479 0181