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Accredited Service Providers

A new way to grow your business: Accredited Service Providers

Provide your local community with products and services, grow your business and reputation in the region, and elevate your brand with Business South.

We’re looking for the best of the best in the region. Consequently, when an organisation is looking for financial advice or marketing etc. (depending on your expertise), you will be the first one we contact. 

How does it work? 

Sign up via the registration form and one of our team members contacts you to talk things through. Once the registration is all done a few things will happen; 

  • When our sales team talks to businesses and need expertise help, your organisation will be recommended. 
  • Where appropriate, your services will also be mentioned when we are developing Health Check action plans, enhancing your involvement in our community.  
  • You will officially be recognised as an Accredited Service Provider. We provide collateral that can be shared in your business or online including certification logo.  

Registration Fee:  
(on approval and accreditation) 

  • $2,500+GST (Business South members) 
  • $4,000+GST (Non-members) 

We are currently looking for the following Service Providers:

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