Webinar Recording: Enabling psychological wellbeing amid business disruption

As a business leader you are likely tired of hearing that we are leading in “unprecedented times”.

Wave upon wave of operational, financial, contractual, logistic, cultural and people challenges have tested business leaders to breaking point and beyond. And now 2022 is bringing with it yet more challenges. What are the best approaches for us to take to support ourselves, our people and our teams to thrive during disruption?

On this webinar recording you will hear Clinical Psychologist and CEO, Gaynor Parkin share insights for positive action on mental health and wellbeing drawn from international and New Zealand research. You will also hear about Umbrella’s work supporting business leaders and senior teams navigating new challenges in 2022.

The webinar recording can be found on BusinessNZ’s website – you will also find the following resources:

  • Leading remote teams
  • Looking after my people
  • Looking after myself
  • Wellbeing assessment

Please note, if you would like to get in touch with Gaynor directly, please email her at: gaynor@umbrella.org.nz

There are also resources and information to help your business through the ever-present risk of COVID-19, including support to help you stay on track. Please phone 08010 50 50 96 (South Island) and 0800 500 362 (North Island).

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