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Business Advisory Support

Business Advisory Support

Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan

The Business Advisory Support available for eligible businesses is a maximum of $5,000 per business operation (excluding GST). It enables businesses to receive expert advice and support through the RBP Network. This advice is in addition to any previous advice that a business may have received through the RBP Network. The objective of the Business Advisory Support is to support long term outcomes for businesses. This includes helping businesses to make hard decisions to navigate and manage an uncertain long-term global and domestic outlook. 

Please Note: Registrations for the Tourism Communities Funding for the QLDC region closed on 31 August, 2022.

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Three Broad Advice Categories

The advice will fall into three broad categories.

  • Continue – Advice to help the business to continue on with its operations, be it a confirmation or adjustment to current business practice to operate, until the return of international visitors at commercially significant levels.
  • Hibernate – Advice to help the business to scale down or close parts of their business, and what future conditions might precipitate an increase in business operations.
  • Cease – Advice to help businesses to cease trading and/or advice on how to cease trade in a way that will minimise costs.

The Business Advisory Support initiative will be open for an initial one year period from 06 September 2021 to 31 August 2022.  A review to extend the time period is expected to occur based on funding availability.

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Your business must...

  • Be a GST registered business, or GST registered prior to COVID-19 (2019/20 financial year)
  • Have a New Zealand Business Number. If you do not have a New Zealand Business Number, you can register to get one on the NZBN website;
  • Be operating in a commercial environment;
  • Be a privately‐owned business or Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Māori assets under multiple ownership;
  • Be a tourism business, which is defined as a business where at least 50% of its operational output is purchased by tourists (domestic or international), for example: Accommodation, Arts and Recreational Services, Food Services, Transport Services or Retail Trade. This can include service businesses whose output is purchased by tourism businesses;
  • Be physically based within at least one of the five districts: Queenstown Lakes District, Southland District, Kaikōura District, Mackenzie District, or Westland District (one grant per business operation).

Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Societies, Non-business entities, and Local and Central Governments are ineligible.

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What can I get advice on?

Businesses can access expert advice and support in one or more of the following subject areas:

  • HR and employee relations and legal (e.g. contract law, legal requirements)
  • Financial and cash flow management (e.g. budgeting, forecasting, scenario planning)
  • Health and wellness (e.g. employee mental health and wellness, resilience building and stress management) 
  • Business continuity planning (e.g. workforce planning, risk management)
  • Marketing strategy (e.g. digital marketing strategy, branding, digital advertising)
  • Digital enablement strategy (e.g. website development, automated booking)
  • Hibernation and exit advice (e.g. liquidation support)
  • Management capability development (e.g. training services to improve management capability within the business).