Making our DCC Draft Annual Plan submission

Business South offers to be a bridge between business and the Dunedin City Council, as Chief Executive Mike Collins presents our submission on the Draft Annual Plan.

At the Draft Annual Plan 2022-23 hearing, Business South Chief Executive Mike Collins highlighted ways in which the DCC and the business community can come together to create a prosperous future for Dunedin. 

“There are some exciting ideas and opportunities for development, growth and collaboration in the city, and Business South is keen to work with the Council and businesses to advance these.”

It has been a tough few years for businesses, with challenges around funding, regulatory and compliance cost burdens and infrastructure requirements.

Mr Collins challenged some of the Council’s plans around rates increases, changes to the one way system, the George Street upgrade and cycleways, which are concerning to many members.

He also made it clear that Business South is keen to help develop solutions.

“It would be nice to create an environment where we have ideas coming through from the private sector, and [we can] work with council about the burdens and roadblocks, as well as the opportunities,” he said.

He suggested the DCC leverage Business South’s relationship of trust with Dunedin businesses to get feedback and collaboration on particular issues that affect them.

“It’s also about us at Business South playing a role in translating that message to the wider community.” 

  • Read the full Business South submission below.
  • Watch Mike Collins speak to the submission here, at the 1 hour and 10 minute mark.

By Business South


Business South Inc submission – DCC Annual Plan 2022-23 FINAL   PDF, 180.9 KB

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